Consulting and Advisory Student Experience

The center for consulting at Northeastern University


Our weekly programs introduce Northeastern students to consulting, teach the skills valued in the field, and connect them with experienced consultants across a variety of industries and practices

Case Institute

Case Institute increases NEU undergraduate students' success in securing a consulting co-op or full-time role via tailored course curriculum, weekly assessments, and casing practice


NCG is a leading student consulting service that works with external clients on strategic projects to deliver value, which in turn  students an invaluable experience in the consulting field

About CASE

Northeastern's Consulting and Advisory Student Experience (CASE) originally was founded as the Northeastern University Consulting Club (NUCC) in 2017 by Daniel Sneyers Pont. The student organization has since had several presidents who have each left their own unique mark on the club and it's members. Since the rebranding to CASE, the organization's original verticals (Weekly Programming, CASE Institute, and NCG) have all grown exponentially.

The purpose of CASE is to provide students with the training, resources, experience, and knowledge to pursue co-op and full-time positions in consulting and advisory services. Additionally, the overarching goal CASE holds is the belief that Northeastern University, along with its dedicated students, will be able to rival consulting target schools to ultimately represent a larger presence of NEU alumni in the field. CASE aims to achieve this through its three verticals, all of which are offered and open to any undergraduate Northeastern students. The three verticals are Programs, Education, and the Northeastern Consulting Group (NCG).